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 (According to Eating Well)  There’s compelling evidence that several spices may help manage some chronic conditions (though it’s always smart to talk with your doctor). And of course, seasoning your dishes with spices allows you to use less of other ingredients linked with health problems, such as salt, added sugars and sources of saturated fat. What’s not to love?

If you're like me, you don't use what you don't see.  Organize your spices and start cooking your way to better health.  Click the Spice Heart to the left to start organizing! 

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Find out more about Spices that are good for your Heart !!
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WHERE  Think about where you want Spice Storage in your kitchen (browse our Ideas pages....you might think of a new idea or love one you see here) Also see our Featured Cooks.

HOW  Decide which Magnetic is right for you. How do you want to display your spices?.... (see our Magnetic Options)

WHAT  Choose Spice Tins (what shape do you like?  what size do you need?)

WHO  Identify your Spices!  Choose your Labels based on who you are as a cook. Labeling your tins (read about our Spice Labels)

Great Gift Idea - Culinarian II

At www.custommagneticspicerack.com we realize that kitchen organization is the key to a happier chef. That's why we have designed some amazing options to keep your spices organized and to keep you focused on the art of cooking. A typical cabinet spice rack leaves you with few options to customize your spices which can sometimes make it hard to clearly see what you are reaching for. That's why our custom magnetic spice racks are the perfect solution. These stainless steel spice rack canisters can easily be used on a cabinet, wall, or inside a drawer for quick access to the spices you need at any given time. If you aren't sure where these magnets would work in your kitchen then you can easily add one of our magnetic Versa-Boards or magnetic sheets to any surface you choose. These solutions will ensure that your stainless steel magnetic spice rack canisters will stay secure at all times while giving you the easiest access possible.

In addition to these canisters helping you create the perfect system for your spices, we also offer a variety of spice labels and lids to further improve the organization of your magnetic spice rack. You can choose the more popular clear lids in order to see the spices or choose the solid lids if that better suits the look of your kitchen. Our clear, white, and silver spice labels can be placed right on the lids to complete your clearly labeled magnetic spice rack making it the most convenient spice rack you have ever used. You can even ask us to custom print the labels for you!

At www.custommagneticspicerack.com we have a desire to combine your passion for cooking with our passion for organization. That's why we stand behind our custom magnetic spice rack design. Contact us today and let us help you create a magnetic spice rack that is perfect for you!

Chef's Essentials Set with 4 oz. Applause & Limelight

Custom Spice Racks

We offer spice tins and everything you need to create a magnetic spice rack. We have

Our spice racks, round tins and square tins are high quality and top of the line. You will absolutely love our spice labels and spice tins.  

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I love your product - I get comments on my spice rack all the time- it may have even helped sell my old house with my super small kitchen - lol.
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December 2011
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