I love your product - I get comments on my spice rack all the time- it may have even helped sell my old house with my super small kitchen - lol.
Lisa D. -- St. Paul, MN
December 2011
"A Solution for Every Cook"
We cooks aren’t all the same!  Why should our Spice Racks be?  Custom Magnetic Spice Rack offers spice storage solutions to complement your kitchen, your life, the way you cook.  That’s why we say we have “A Solution for Every Cook”. 

Browse our many ideas for creating a magnetic spice rack to mount on your wall, to install in your cabinet or pantry, or in a kitchen drawer.   Many ideas can be applied to your own kitchen.  Or our spice rack ideas may spark your own idea. 

Create your custom spice storage with our popular clear window spice tins—Bravada and Applause.  Want to shield your spices from light?  Choose our solid lid spice tins—Ovation and Limelight.  Add a set of clear, white, or silver spice labels or have us print a custom set of spice labels for you.

We offer several different magnetic solutions.  Our popular VersaBoardTM mounts on a wall, pantry door or cabinet and holds our magnetic spice tins.  Or adhere our magnetic sheet which securely holds our non-magnetic spice tins.  Creating a magnetic spice rack with VersaBoardTM , magnetic sheets, magnetic strip or magnetic rounds is easy. 

Just need to get it done?  Take a look at our Culinarian or Chef’s Essentials spice rack from our Complete Magnetic Spice Sets.  The Culinarian and Chef’s Essentials include everything you need to for quick, easy spice storage-- a magnet board, spice tins and spice labels.

Have questions about creating a magnetic spice rack in your space?  Give us a call.  We are glad to help you create the Custom Magnetic Spice Rack you’ve always wanted.

Bravada Spice Tins on Magnetic Sheet

Custom Spice Racks

We offer spice tins and everything you need to create a magnetic spice rack. We have

Our spice racks, round tins and square tins are high quality and top of the line. You will absolutely love our spice labels and spice tins.  

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