Magnetic SheetMagnetic Sheet
Magnetic Sheet

Magnetic Sheet

Flexible Magnetic Sheet applied to inside of Cabinet Door

Magnetic Sheets create a smooth, seamless look to your Magnetic Spice Storage.  Sheets can be applied to any non-porous, solid, flat surface, such as cabinets, doors, and hardboard sheets. 

If you choose to install a magnetic sheet, you do not need any other magnetic material--no precut rounds or strip necessary.  Order JUST THE TINS and the metal spice tins will stick to the magnetic sheet.  

Sheet material is 24" wide.  It is available in several standard sizes--12" x 24", 18" x 24", 30" x 24", 36" x 24" and 48" x 24".  These sheets can be cut to size in your home, using a sharp utility knife or regular scissors.  If you choose our Custom Cut sheet, it will be 24" wide by your specified length.  All Magnetic Sheets must be added as a separate item to your Shopping Cart!  

Installation is easy!  After cutting the sheet to size, peel off the paper backing and place it on your chosen surface.  Apply pressure with a J-Roller, rolling pin or soup can to press the adhesive to the surface.  Allow to cure 24 before adding your filled Spice Tins

  Magnetic Sheet-Door & Tins

--directly to the inside or even the outside of a kitchen cabinet 

  • --directly onto a piece of plywood, and then perhaps framed with the same moulding as your kitchen




Flexible Magnetic Sheet Framed & Bravada Spice TinsWorking on a kitchen makeover, Toni decided to frame a 24" x 30" magnetic sheet in the same wood as her handcrafted farm table! 




Flexible Magnetic Sheet applied to Refrigerator Cabinet & Bravada Spice Tins


Charles mounted his magnetic sheet on the side of his refrigerator cabinet.  When he sent in his image, he titled it "spice is nice".