Magnetic StripsMagnetic Strips
Magnetic Spice Rack using Magnetic Strip

CONSIDERING MAGNETIC STRIP?  Choose Just the Tins--you won't need tins with magnet on the bottom for use with Flexible Magnetic Strip

On a Vertical Surface

Magnetic Strip can be cut with regular scissors and applied to any flat, smooth non-porous vertical surface.  Proper adhesion requires full contact with the vertical surface.  So if you have drywall or rough walls, the magnetic strip will likely not adhere well.  Consider the following options:

     -- some of our other spice storage ideas

     -- mounting your strips on a sheet of hardboard or other flat hard sheet that can be attached to the wall

     -- using a permanent adhesive such as Liquid Nails to mount the magnetic strip to the uneven surface.  Note:  Subsequent removal will damage the surface.

Using Magnetic Strip
If you are using several sizes of spice tin, you can mount different widths.   Not all cabinets are the same, but it is likely that the tins (except the 2 oz.) will bump into cabinet shelves when you close the cabinet, if not spaced properly on the door.  We do not recommend horizontal placement of the strips.   To avoid the shelves, we suggest marking the strip with tape.  This way you will not accidently place the tin at the same level as the shelf.

When choosing Flexible Magnetic Strip, you can add the recommended Strip Kit to your Shopping Cart.  You will receive a length of flexible magnetic strip that will accomodate all the tins in the specified set.  The width of magnetic strip will be that which is closest to the width of the tins.  This will provide the maximum amount of metal tin to magnet connection.  You may alternately choose to purchase alternative strip kits should you decide you want a different width or if you have another project.  Click to purchase Magnetic Strip.

Customer Pictures - Flexible Magnetic Strip

Customer Pictures - Flexible Magnetic Strip

Magnetic Spice Rack for RV

 Susan wanted a spot where she could easily access her spices when cooking in her RV.  The magnetic strip securely holds the Applause Square tins in place, even over potholes and ruts in the highway!  She says she has room for plenty more!

Flexible Magnetic Strip adhered to a Pantry Closet door
Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Installation is Easy!
  • Cut the flexible magnetic strip to the required length for your project with regular scissors
  • Peel the paper backing from the adhesive side
  • Stick the flexible magnetic strip to your selected location
  • Apply pressure to "marry" the adhesive with the surface.  More is better.  Use a rolling pin, soup can or similar object.
  • Allow to cure for 24 hours before adding spice tins