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If you will be ordering (or have ordered) Custom Spice Labels, you may use one of our worksheets as the starting point for your Custom List.  If you are going to use these custom labels for something other than spices, please send us a numbered list of the labels you would like.

We have provided some lists as a starting point, if you would like to use them.  OR simply email us (or attach near the end of your order form) your numbered Microsoft-compatible list.

To use our lists, download either the Excel spreadsheet or Word document with our SHORT-ORDER or DELUXE Spice Lists. (Link to download options).  If you are unable to download the files, we will gladly email you one of the them or you can copy and paste the list from the right.


Making Modifications to the Downloaded Worksheet
When making modifications to the Excel Spreadsheet, type them in the 2nd column
When making modifications to the Word document, type them beside the listed spice
Please do not type over or replace the existing list

  • If you wish to have the spice printed as is, skip to the next spice
  • If there is a spice you don't want, you can type the name of a spice that you would like (again in the 2nd column or beside it)
  • If you wish to have a spice printed differently, i.e.  Cinnamon instead of Ground Cinnamon, please type the words as you wish to see them (in the 2nd column or beside it)
  • Add to the list at the bottom any spices you would like, but are not listed

If you are unable to use either format, please send us your own list.  Your list must be either Microsoft compatible, a .txt file or you may type your listed directly into an email.  A numbered list is helpful

       Please submit your own list in any Microsoft-compatible format

Attach your completed list to your Shopping Cart or Email your completed file to

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