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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Spice Tins

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Spice Tins

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How do I know what size to buy?

          Our tins are sold by volume size.  Spices are sold by weight.  Follow this link to read about figuring out what size tins are right for your needs.

Are the Clear Lid and Inner Plastic Rings BPA Free?

Yes.  Our products have been tested and certified.  See the results by scrolling to the bottom of the page linked here.

Do you have to polish the tins like you do stainless steel?

NO.  One of the best things about these tins is that they do not show fingerprints! 

How strong are the tins?

The strength of the tins is between that of today's soda can and a soup can.  

Can you wash lids with labels?

Washing, with or without labels, must be done by wiping down the tins with a damp cloth only.  Do not submerse.  Do not machine wash.

Can any style tin be used for stackable tins?

Not all styles are suited for stacking.  Ovation and Limelight are easily stacked by putting our Precut Round Magnets on the bottom of each tin.  Applause 2 oz. can be stacked by putting the 1.625" magnet on the top (over the clear lid) of each tin. 

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