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Sheri & her Swiveling Spice Rack

Sheri & her Swiveling Spice Rack

Sherry lives in rural Illinois with her husband of 20 years and three boys, ages 16, 14 and 11.  Sherry tells us, "These 'men' seem to have a need to consume massive quantities of food 24 hours a day!  We are down-home, politically-incorrect, meat and potatoes people.  If you can fry it, put cheese in it, or smother it in gravy all the better."

Sherry is an organizer and likes things to be in places that make sense for how they're used.  So she set out in search of a solution to her spice cabinet which wasn't working on many levels. One of Sherry's 'things' is that everything has to be in alphabetical order.  So a large bottle of something rarely used would end up in front of a small bottle of something used all the time.  Additonally, Sherry does almost all preparation and mixing at her island and the spice cabinet was on the other side of the kitchen.
Preparing a dish would go something like this:
  • Read list of ingredients for recipe.
  • Walk over to spice cabinet, rearrange half the contents to find the first ingredient, meanwhile forgetting what else I needed.
  • Walk back to island with first ingredient, read recipe again, and repeat the process until everything is finally within reach on the island.
  • Start to prepare recipe, then discover I need 1 tsp. of some spice or herb, but only have 1/2 tsp in jar.
  • Go back to spice cabinet to see if I can find something to fake the shorted ingredient.
  • Finally get recipe completed, then gather up armload of spices to return to cabinet.
  • Spend way too much time re-alphabetizing the cabinet.
Sherry looked at the ready-made counter-top spice racks, but most came with spices or were labeled with what other people use, not necessarily what she uses.  Then she found Custom Magnetic Spice Rack. She loves that all the tins are a uniform size and the clear lids let her see when she's running low on ingredients.  They're easily alphabetized on the magnetic strips and, with a set of custom labels, she could label the tins for the spices she uses.  "They were perfect!"
After seeing some of the expensive counter-top spice racks that swivel, she decided the perfect 'home' for her new tins would be on a swivel platform right on her kitchen island. 
"For some reason, the solution to most of my problems usually involves my dear hubby building something for me!   I enlisted his help and asked him to build a swiveling wooden box to the exact measurements I needed.  It turned out wonderfully!"
"I have 2 rows of 5 tins on each of the 4 sides.  There are four 8-oz (Simplicity) round tins for baking soda, baking powder, minced onion and homemade chili seasoning.  I have four 4-oz round tins for salt, pepper, beef and chicken bouillion.  The other tins are 2.5 oz and are perfect to hold all of my other spices and herbs.
I was a little worried about how well the magnetic strips would stick to the wood and if they would be strong enough to hold some of the heavier tins, but they are perfect!  I'm so glad I found these tins.  They solved all of my problems!"