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Bluefield, WV

Galaxy Spice Rack

Thank goodness for Custom Magnetic Spice Rack!  I have a very small kitchen.  So, with space at a premium, I needed a unique solution.  I purchased the Galaxy Round Tins and the Magnetic strips that came with then to put on the back of a door in my kitchen (yes, a door).  They are so versatile that it was a breeze to set up and they maximized my space at the same time.  The Galaxy Tins have screw on lids so they stay on tight.  The magnetic strips are so strong that they keep the tins in place even with my children (and husband) opening and closing the door.  Before, I kept my spices in zip-top bags in a bread box.  It was such a nuisance to get to them when I was cooking.  I bought the custom labels for my tins and now have everything where I can see and get to it easily.  My nine-year old daughter is even more excited about helping me cook.  She loves removing and putting back the tins for me.  I highly recommend them. 

 CMSR Note:  Kim purchased both 4 oz. and 8 oz. Galaxy Round Tins with standard magnetic strip, Custom Round Silver Foil labels with black Times New Roman font.  Click here to see our Galaxy line of tins.