Rose W., Lindsborg, KS

I enjoyed my Custom Magnet Spice containers in my kitchen so much, I decided I would customize my Pleasureway camper to maximize its galley space. The camper came with a very small rack for spices and condiments, so I applied the magnetic sheet to its wall above the sink and stove, cutting around the existing spice rack. I was able to include 12 additional spices, and someday may add more. There is no reason camping should not be a savory experience!!

Claire R., Fort Collins, CO
I wanted a rustic spice rack--something that is hanging in the local bistro in old town. Since I'm renting I couldn't mount the rack.  So hanging it was a great option--making it the focal point of the kitchen, a piece of "artwork" and a great conversation starter.
Bistro Magnetic Spice Rack The back is sanded and varnished plywood.  The chalkboard (hanging below) helps us keep track of the spices that are about ready to run out.  

I love it, I love the tins, I love the organization.  My husband and I will never go back to spices in a disorganized cupboard.

(I'm thinking about doing something similar with my crafting supplies)

Sonia D., U.S. Military, Korea
Living on a military base in Korea, we have a very limited amount of cabinet and counter space to deal with. I love cooking and I always have a lot of spices and herbs on hand! Inspired by Good Eats (even though AB uses velcro), I started Googling Magnetic Spice racks. I came upon your site and was amazed by the choices that were available. I ordered right away, and had my husband install 2 sheets of stainless for my magnetic containers to adhere to. Everyone who comes over is impressed with the look and idea of mounting the spice rack in something other than a wooden rack. :) It serves a dual purpose: it's a fully functioning spice rack and it's art!

Dave S., Rochester, MN
I ordered several sample tins and brought one packed with a roll of quarters to a local metal shop. After verifying that the magnet was plenty strong, they cut a piece of steel to my exact dimensions. I drilled a hole in each corner, painted the metal with white rust-proofing paint, and mounted the it to the door with some wood screws and finishing washers.
 I picked up some magnetic clips (holding items like packets of taco seasoning)to go along with the tins. I did all this without my wife knowing and surprised her with the final product. She had the perfect solution for labeling the tins--use the plastic window stickers (we got a package of plain sheets at an office supply store). It is now incredibly easy to find the spices we want.  This was a great kitchen project.

Terry D., Wylie, TX
I used galvanized roof flashing steel sheet for the substrate. I used 3M Super 77 spray adhesive to glue it to the inside of the cabinet door. The introduction of a new spice is very easy, as the other spices can be slid along to their new positions. I used magnetic rounds adhered to the back of the tins.
I ordered other tins before finding this website. Their lid retention was not very good. The Bravada series has a very good which has a locking detent that provides secure locking. I've very pleased with the result. I have plenty of area to expand to more spices. Thanks for a wonderful product Magnetic Spice Rack in Kitchen Cupboard using Galvanized Steel

Kelly W., Hunt Valley, MD
My fiance and I both LOVE to cook, but with 2 cooks in the house, our spice cabinet was extremely cluttered - and it was impossible to get the specific spice bottle that you wanted, without having all of the rest of the bottles come tumbling out of the cabinet as well.  And because our spices took up so much room on our first shelf, we were limited in terms of how many other items could be stored within arm's reach for me (I'm only 5'4")...which meant dragging out the step stool any time I needed to reach anything. Using our spice tins, magnets, and custom labels from has made it so much easier
for us to continue doing what we love - cooking together!  Because mounting our spices on the cabinet doors saved us so much room on the shelves, we're now able to store everything that we routinely use easily within arm's length for me...which is wonderfully convenient!  It also inspired us to reorganize all of our other kitchen cabinets - and we couldn't be happier with the results!  We also ordered labels from your site to label all of the other containers in our cabinets - it really keeps everything looking cohesive, professional, and very organized...which is just the look we were going for!

Patrick M., Erie, PA
I used to keep all my spices in their original containers in a small drawer. Everything was stacked on top of each other, and even when pulling the drawer out, there were a number of spices that I could not easily access. When I am cooking, sometimes I don't know what spice I want, so having to pull things out for inspiration was painful.

After doing some research and finding your website, I ordered a complete set of spice jars and magnetic strips and attached them to the inside of two large pantry cupboards that flank either side of our refrigerator.
On the left side of the pantry are snacks and baking products, so I chose to put the baking related spices on that cabinet. On the right side are more general staples, so all my other spices go there.

Since I do purchase some spices in bulk, I store the larger canisters in a lazy Susan for easy refilling on my main containers.  My only tip would be to ensure that you order the correct size containers. I know that is mentioned often on the website ... you should most definitely remember that, especially when you buy from multiple sources and in bulk...

Carmel M., Denver, CO
I was exhausted with searching through bottles and bottles of spices, just to find the cinnamon! 
I went out and found magnetic stainless steel boards and mounted them to my wall with double sided Velcro. That way, it would be easy to remove if I moved or wanted to reorganize the kitchen. I bought a plethora of tins, in various sizes (as my spice collection grows), from your wonderful company. I then filled all of my beautiful tins, with the see through lids, labeled, cut adhesive magnets to the bottom and alphabetically organized on the mounted steel.

It looks beautiful!  It acts like a functioning piece of art!
I get compliments on my spice rack, every single time someone steps into my kitchen! Everyone always wants to know where I got it! They are shocked when I tell them I made it!  It's my absolute favorite thing in my kitchen!

Magnetic Spice Rack on RefrigeratorWe love our magnetic spice tins and we love Christmas. We figured we might as well put them together!
With a large I-beam in the middle of my kitchen I had to do something to give it either more visual appeal or a practical purpose, outside of holding up the rest of the building of course. Luckily these spice holders fit the bill for both since they look good and my spices are always nearby when I need them.
This is the side of my fridge. I love the way they look against the black. You can also see my magnetic timer and magnetic pot holder holder and my dabba box.
Everyone admires my spices and wants to know where I got the cans. I give them your website.
I decided to make a wall-hanging spice rack using an 18x24 poster frame and magnet sheet. I started with one but soon added a second one. I love how easy it is to see all my spices at a glance now!
Wall Magnetic Spice Rack
I wanted to have my spices be very handy in the kitchen as well as a piece of art. I have definitely succeeded! Everyone who enters my kitchen compliments me on the spice rack! I couldn't have created this masterpiece without Custom Magnetic Spice Rack! Thanks!
We have a very small kitchen, so this was the perfect solution for us - decorative, and freed up a lot of cupboard space. Everyone who visits our house now comments on our spice rack!

I love to bake and try new recipes, but it's SO frustrating trying to keep my spices organized! Over the years I've tried alphabetizing them in the cabinet, but every container is a different size/style. 
I saw your tins and just had to give them a try myself. I LOVE THEM and couldn't wait to use them to get organized. THANK YOU for making my cooking and baking so much easier!