Precut Magnetic RoundsPrecut Magnetic Rounds

Precut magnetic material can be adhered to any smooth, nonporous surface to give each of your spice tins its very own space.

CONSIDERING MAGNETIC PRECUT ROUNDS ON A SURFACE?  Choose Just the Tins--you won't need tins with magnet on the bottom


Giving each Tin a Home

Giving each Tin a Home

Magnetic Rounds for a Magnetic Spice Rack

Let the beauty of your kitchen be the background for your new Magnetic Spice Rack.  Do you have beautiful tiled wall that would be the perfect place for your spices?  Perhaps you would rather showcase the woodgrain of your cabinets!

Press one of our Precut Round Magnets to the surface.  Use a "J Roller", a soup can or rolling pin to apply pressure.  Let the adhesive cure for 24 hours.  Place your Spice Tins on each of the mounted rounds.   This method can be used anywhere you can adhere the magnets--inside or outside cabinets, pantry doors, tile walls. 

To mount on uneven or rough surfaces, such as drywall, use more permanent adhesive, such as Liquid Nails