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Bravada Square Spice Tin -  16 oz - Non-Magnetic - Single Tin

Bravada Square Spice Tin - 16 oz - Non-Magnetic - Single Tin

Bravada Square Spice Tin -  16 oz - Non-Magnetic - Single Tin
Lid Security - Snap Pins on two sidesAdhere a Flexible Magnetic Sheet to any smooth surface--like the inside of a Kitchen CabinetAdd Tea Bags in Non-Magnetic Bravada and Voila!Adhere Flexible Magnetic Strips to the inside of a Kitchen CabinetMake Non-Magnetic Spice Tins into Magnetic Spice Tins with Precut Round MagnetsAdhere Magnetic Rounds to a Surface to create a "Home" for each Non-Magnetic Spice TinCharles adhered a Flexible Magnetic Sheet to the outside of his Refrigerator Cabinet right next to his Prep Area (and added Non-Magnetic Bravada tins in various sizes)Don't forget the Labels!A double-sided flexible magnetic sheet makes a real easy pick up and go when it's time to move.  Just remove the double-sided sheet from the side of the fridge!Non-Magnetic Bravada in Spice DrawerThis customer decided to put magnetic strip in her spice drawer with her non-magnetic Bravada
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Our exclusive line of beautifully crafted Square Tins will add a bold, modern statement to your kitchen. 

Crafted of quality materials, Bravada Squares have solid impact resistant window lids with a higher degree of scratch resistance than the think PVC found in other brands.

Designed to last! 

Both beauty and braun!

Why Spice Tins vs. Spice Jars?  Magnetic Spice Jars are heavy and taller than a Magnetic Spice Tin.  So making a Kitchen Spice Rack from Spice Jars (vs. Spice Tins) will have more limitations as to where it can be located

Versa-Tin's 16 oz. Bravada Spice Tin holds about 1-3/4 cup of your favorite herbs or spices

Perfect for
• Bulky ingredients--Parsley, Nuts, Juniper Berries -- Read why Size Matters!
• Love these for securely storing my Tea Bags

Non-Magnetic Spice Containers
• Create a Magnetic Spice Rack with Flexible Magnetic material--Sheets or Strips
• Can be made magnetic by adding Magnet Rounds to the bottom
• Can be stored in your spice drawer

See Specifications Below
Also Available in Non-Magnetic version for use with Flexible Magnetic material

For more information about our Magnetic Options (opens in a new window)

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Volume: almost 2 cups or approx. 473 ml
Dimensions: 3-7/8" in diameter; 1-7/8" high (99mm x 48mm)
Materials: FDA approved Tin plated Steel - Tough, impact resistant Polystyrol Clear Window
Country of Manufacture: China
1. Standard Magnetic Strip 4" wide strip -- minimum of 4.5" long per tin - Available in 24" lengths (Magsheet-4)
2. Precut Magnetic Round Paper-backed adhesive 3.625" diameter magnetic round
3. Magnetic Sheet Available in a variety of sizes
Features Benefits
Smooth Satin Finish Eliminates the chore of polishing away fingerprints
Clear Lid Instantly see what spices need to be added to shopping list
Create a Magnetic Rack Frees up Kitchen Cabinet Space; Organize Spices Instantly
Available in 5 sizes
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