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Bravada Square Spice Tin -  2 oz. -  Magnetic - Set of 12

Bravada Square Spice Tin - 2 oz. - Magnetic - Set of 12

Bravada Square Spice Tin -  2 oz. -  Magnetic - Set of 12
Bottom of Bravada Magnetic Spice TinBravada Spice Tins on Colonial Red Versa-BoardMagnetic Bravada & Ovation on Bone White Versa-BoardMagnetic Bravada on Decorative TraysMagnetic Bravada on Wall treated with "Magnetic Paint"Magnetic Bravada on Stainless Steel Versa-BoardMagnetic Bravada with Clear LabelsMagnetic Bravada on side of Black RefrigeratorMagnetic Bravada on 2 Versa-BoardMagnetic Spice Tins on Colonial Red Versa-Board
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Our exclusive line of beautifully crafted Square Tins will add a bold, modern statement to your kitchen. 

Crafted of quality materials, Bravada Squares have solid impact resistant window lids with a higher degree of scratch resistance than the think PVC found in other brands.

Designed to last! 

Both beauty and braun!

Why Spice Tins vs. Spice Jars?  Magnetic Spice Jars are heavy and taller than a Magnetic Spice Tin.  So making a Kitchen Spice Rack from Spice Jars (vs. Spice Tins) will have more limitations as to where it can be located

Versa-Tin's 2 oz. Bravada Spice Tin holds 1/4 cup of your favorite herbs or spices

Perfect for
  • "Shortie" Grocery Store Bottles (will not hold contents of typical 4" tall grocery store bottle)--Read why Size Matters!
  • Spices you purchase in smaller quantities
  • 1/4 cup refills from your favorite Spice Retailer

Magnetic Spice Containers stick to Metal Surfaces
  • Your refrigerator or stove
  • Versa-Board
  • Any metal that attracts magnets

See Specifications Below
Also Available in Non-Magnetic version for use with Flexible Magnetic material

For more information about our Magnetic Options (opens in a new window)

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Twelve 2 oz Magnetic Bravada Square Tins approx. 1/4 cup (59 ml) in volume
Dimensions: 2-7/16" diameter x 11/16" high (62 x 62 x 17.5 mm) without magnet (add 1.6" or 2 mm for magnet)
Materials: FDA approved Tin plated Steel - Tough, impact resistant Polystyrol Clear Window compares favorably to think PVC of other brands
MAGNETIC USE: Magnetic Spice Tins stick to any Metal that Attracts Magnets (including Versa-Board)
Country of Manufacture: China
Features Benefits
Manufactured of Steel coated with Food Grade Tinplate & Food Grade Lacquer No Polishing!
Clear Lids See which spices need to be added to your shopping list.
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