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Applause™ Spice Tin -  4 oz. -  Set of 48

Applause™ Spice Tin - 4 oz. - Set of 48

Applause™ Spice Tin -  4 oz. -  Set of 48
Applause 4 oz. Spice Storage TinApplause with Precut Magnetic Round applied to Tin BottomApplause & Limelight 4 oz. with Precut on Bottom shown on Stainless Versa-BoardAdhere Magnetic Strip to a smooth surface and......(next picture)Just the Tins stick to the Magnetic StripAdhere a Magnetic Sheet to a Smooth Surface and........(next picture)...
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Typical grocery store spice bottles are about 4" tall.  Each brand, however, sells a slightly different amount of spice in their bottles.  Pour each brand into a measuring cup and you will see more or less than 1/2 cup.  Some brands will fit into a 4 oz. Applause™; some will not.  

4 oz. Applause™ Spice Tins hold 1/2 cup.  More product specifications below.

Magnetic Options available in the dropdown box on this page:
  • Precut Magnetic Rounds Applied to Tin Bottoms.  Spice Tins will stick to any smooth metal surface, like a Versa-Board™, that attracts magnets, 
  • Just the Tins--Tins with no magnet on the bottom can be used in many different ways.  Or add any of these magnetic options to your cart separately.....
Magnetic Options (for Just the Tins) that you may add separately to your Shopping Cart:
  • Flexible Magnetic Strip - The Magnetic Strip has peel and stick backing and can be mounted to any non-porous surface.  The spice tins (without magnet on the bottom) then stick to the strip.  For twelve 4 oz. tins, we recommend 2" wide Flexible Magnetic Strip at least 36" long. 
  • Precut Magnetic Rounds - Use 2.125" magnetic rounds adhered to a non-porous surface where each tin will have its own home.  Or use 46mm for tin bottoms to stick tins to a magnetically attractive metal .
  • Flexible Magnetic Sheet -  Create a solid magnetic surface to hold all your tins. Frame it. Mount it directly on a surface!  Magnetic sheets are available in several different sizes.  Mix and match different size spice tins on a Flexible Magnetic Sheet.  Order Spice tins with NO magnet on bottom for use with the Flexible Magnetic Sheet.
Labels sold separately.  Spices not included.  Image shows 4 oz. Applause™ with Magnetic Bottom on Bone White Versa-Board™

For more information on our magnetic material, please see our Magnetic Options page.

See our Ideas page for Ideas for creating your Custom Magnetic Spice Rack on your wall, cabinet, pantry door

4 oz. Applause Round Tins approx. 1/2 cup (125 mL or 125 ml) in volume
Dimensions: 2.6" in diameter; 1.74" high (66mm dia. x 44mm ht.) including magnet height - shorter without magnet
Magnetic Options:
2" Magnetic Strip Recommended for 4 oz. Spice Tins A minimum of 144" recommended for forty--eight tins
Magnetic Rounds applied to bottom of Tins Magnet Size: (46mm diameter x 2mm thick)
Precut Magnetic Rounds can be applied to Tin or Surface Forty-eight 2.1255" precut magnetic rounds with adhesive back
Magnetic Sheet can be ordered separately in desired length See Magnetic Options page
Country of Manufacture: China
Product Weight: 4.5 lbs - no magnet / 5.75 lbs - PCA
Product Dimensions: 21” x 8.5” x 4.5”
Features Benefits
Manufactured of Steel coated with Food Grade Tinplate & Food Grade Lacquer No Polishing!
Lids have Food Grade FDA approved Tough, impact resistant Polystyrol Clear Window See how much you have left!
Available in 16, 8, 6 & 4 oz. and 2 oz.Applause 16 oz. Mini Canister
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