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Début SCREW TOP Spice Tins - Magnetic - Set of 12

Début SCREW TOP Spice Tins - Magnetic - Set of 12

Début SCREW TOP Spice Tins - Magnetic - Set of 12
Plastic Lined Screw Top Spice Tin - Easy Open - Fresh SpicesInner "window shade" that protects clear window from destructive spices is removableCompare "with" window shade (Right) and "without" window shade (Left)With or without Magnets on Bottom Début Use a Small Space well Stacked in a Cabinet
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Many customers have written to me, letting me know that they love their Versa-Tin spice tins--whether the Applause, Bravada, Ovation or Limelight--but that their aging (or arthritic) hands are no longer able to open them.  Début was designed especially for them!  The new plastic lid liner makes the tin easy to open and creates an airtight seal for freshness.  I am so delighted.

But why waste an opportunity to make it the very best, most versatile spice tin for every cook?  So I added UV protection for the clear window, the ability to stack (or not), a more polished lid to enhance those kitchen conversation pieces, and the "window" shade that protects the clear window from the known corrosive tendency of ground clove and any blend containing ground clove.  I hope you enjoy my new design.  And now it's time for their Début!!


Heidi Barnard, founder of Versa-Tin® and Custom Magnetic Spice Rack

Début™ Tins were designed especially for cooks with aging and arthritic hands who find pull off lids difficult. But everyone can appreciate their ease of use as well as the many features we added the newest tin in the Versa-Tin® line.

Début™ Spice Tins hold ½ cup of spices. This is the contents of many (but not all) typical 4" tall grocery store bottles. This tin is the perfect size to hold your ½ cup refills of your favorite online spice store.

The durable plastic lining of each tin serves to 1) create an airtight seal to seal in freshness and 2) maintain the easy open function of the screw-top lid

A removable semi-transparent "window shade" comes with every Début tin. Use this "window shade" inside the tins that store Ground Clove or spice blends containing Ground Clove, such as Char Masala, some Tandoori blends, Five Spice, and Garam Masala. Ground Clove, depending on the amount & freshness, will deform crystal clear plastics. The "window shade" allows the storage of these "warm" spices without worry. Image shows two Début side-by-side (one with window shade on; one without)

The crystal clear window displays the beautiful colors of your spices, letting you know how much is left. Meanwhile the UV coating on the clear window protects your herbs & spices from harmful UV rays.

Dimensions: 2.96" wide at the widest part of the lid. 2.03" high with no magnet. 2.11" high with magnet

Début is available with or without magnet. 

Spice Labels are not included as you may want to label the sides or label the tops, or both.

Versa-Tin® is a registered Trademark.
Volume/Capacity 1/2 cup (118 ml)
Dimensions Just shy of 3" wide; 2-1/8" high with magnet (about 3/32" shorter without magnet)
Features Benefits
Plastic Lined Screw Top Easy Off, Easy On Lid - Seals Freshness In
UV Coating on Clear Window Protects Herbs & Spices from harmful lights
Indented Base Both Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Tins can be securely stacked
Inner "Window Shade" Protects Clear Window from "hot" spices
Premium Finestone Lid Material Higher End presentation
Tested and Certified BPA Free
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