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Bravada™ Spice Tins -  6 oz. - Set of 24

Bravada™ Spice Tins - 6 oz. - Set of 24

Bravada™ Spice Tins -  6 oz. - Set of 24
Bravada Square Spice TinSnap Pin on Bravada 6 oz. Square Spice TinSide view - Bravada 6 oz. Square Spice TinPrecut Magnetic Round applied to Bravada Spice TinTins with Magnet on Bottom stick to a Bone White Versa-BoardTins with Magnet on the Bottom stick to a Stainless BacksplashSee our Ideas page for more picturesPrecut Magnet applied to Surface and each Tin has its own HomeSmall sections of Flexible Magnetic Strip transforms a useless cabinet spaceGet creative!!!
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The most popular Versa-Tin™ size -- 6 oz. -- Pour in the entire contents of the typical grocery store spice bottle!

Set includes twenty-four 6 oz. Bravada™ Clear Lid Square Spice Tins (plus any chosen magnetic spice rack option. Spice Labels sold separately)

Why 6 oz.? Because the contents of most grocery store spice bottle fit in them perfectly! Grocery store bottles (about 4" high) generally hold about 1.8 oz. by weight. But put the contents in a measuring cup and the grocery store bottle holds about 3/4 cup or 6 oz. in volume. Our spice tins are sized by volume. So to put the entire contents of a grocery store bottle in one of our tins, you will need a 6 oz. or larger tin.

Versa-Tin™ Bravada™ Spice Tins are available in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 16 oz. sizes.

Magnetic Options available in the dropdown box on this page:
  • 50mm Precut Round Magnets--Loose 50mm Precut Magnets--the same size as our manufacturer applies to the bottom of our tins.  Simply peel and stick to the bottom of tins.  Press lightly, Allow to sit overnight before putting on your metal surface.  Functionality just as good as manufacturer-applied magnets
  • Just the Tins--Tins with no magnet on the bottom can be used in many different ways.  Or add any of these magnetic options to your cart separately.....
Magnetic Options (for Just the Tins) that you may add separately to your Shopping Cart:
  • Flexible Magnetic Strip - The Magnetic Strip has peel and stick backing and can be mounted to any non-porous surface.  The spice tins then stick to the strip.  For Twenty-four 6 oz. tins, we recommend 78" of our 2.5" Flexible Magnetic Strip.  Find 2.5" Flexible Strip here or .......... 
  • Precut Magnetic Rounds - can be mounted to a non-porous surface where each tin will have its own home. We recommend the 2.375" magnetic rounds for providing each tin a home on your smooth surface.
  • Flexible Magnetic Sheet -  Create a solid magnetic surface to hold all your tins. Frame it. Mount it directly on a surface!  Magnetic sheets are available in several different sizes.  Mix and match different size spice tins on a Flexible Magnetic Sheet.
See our Complete Magnetic Spice Rack with 48 Bravada 6 oz Tins, a Versa-Board and Spice Labels, click here for Culinarian II

For more information on our magnetic material, please see our Magnetic Options page.

See our Ideas page for Ideas for creating your Custom Magnetic Spice Rack on your wall, cabinet, pantry door
Twenty-four Bravada Square Window 6 oz. tins 2.72" x 2.72"; 1.654" high (69mm x 69mm x 42mm) holds approx. 3/4 cup (177 ml)
Materials: USDA Food-grade Tinplated Steel; Tough, impact resistant Polystyrol Clear Window
Country of Manufacture: China & US
Magnetic Options:
2.5 Magnetic Strip recommended 78" of 2.5" wide flexible magnetic strip minimum recommended for 24 tins
Precut Magnetic Rounds to Make a Home for Each Tin Twenty-four 2.375" diameter flexible magnetic rounds
Add Magnetic Sheet To receive magnetic sheet, you must add it separately in your Cart. See links below.
No Magnetic Material We'll send you just the Spice Tins!
Precut Magnets Applied to Tin Bottoms Magnet Size 49mm x 2mm thick
Bravada Square Spice Tins are available in 2 oz., 4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz. and 16 oz. sizes
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