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Applause™ Spice Tin -  Assorted Sizes -  Set of 20

Applause™ Spice Tin - Assorted Sizes - Set of 20

Applause™ Spice Tin -  Assorted Sizes -  Set of 20
16 oz. Applause - Great for parsley, tea bags8 oz. Applause for the Oversized Grocery Store bottles6 oz. Applause holds the contents of the typical 4" grocery store bottle
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Versa-Tin "Applause" in 4 useful sizes!  What a great gift!

Spice Tins included:
  • Eight 6 oz. Applause - Holds the contents of the typical 4" tall grocery store spice bottle
  • Six 4 oz. Applause - Holds the contents of smaller grocery store bottle or spices you buy in smaller amounts
  • Four 8 oz. Applause - Some brands of spices, like Emeril's, Old Bay, Keen's Dry Mustard have a bit more than the grocery store standards.  Eight ounce tins are great for those!
  • Two 16 oz. Applause - So many uses!  Great for parsley, oregano, tea bags, a handy bit of flour....
Choice of Magnetic Material:
  • 12" x 24" Flexible Magnetic Sheet -- The flexible magnet material has paper-backed adhesive on one side.  Mount this sheet inside a cabinet door, on a pantry door, on a refrigerator cabinet....anywhere where the surface is fairly non-porous and even.  The sheet can be cut with regular scissors into strips or to fit your spice area.  Tins will arrive with no magnet on bottom (strongest connection is metal to magnet)
  • Magnets for the bottom of the Spice Tins -- All you need is a metal surface that will hold a magnet--a Versa-BoardTM, a steel sheet, a refrigerator door just to name a couple of possibilities
  • No Magnetic Material

Four 8 oz. tins 3-5/32 diameter by 1-15/16 high; holds approx. 1 cup (237 ml)
Eight 6 oz. tins 2-13/16 diameter by 1-11/16" high; holds approx. 3/4 cup (177 ml)
Six 4 oz. tins 2-9/16 diameter by 1-11/16 high; holds approx. 1/2 cup (118 ml)
Two 16 oz. tins 4-1/8" diameter by 2-5/8" high; holds approx. 2 cups (474 ml)
Materials: USDA Food-grade Tinplated Steel; Tough, impact resistant Polystyrol Clear Window
Country of Manufacture: China & US
Magnetic Options:
Precut Magnets for each tin Magnets sized for each tin
Magnetic Sheet 12" x 24" Flexible Magnetic Sheet
No Magnetic Material We'll send you just the Spice Tins!
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