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Chef's Essentials II™ Magnetic Spice Rack - Bravada 4 oz.

Chef's Essentials II™ Magnetic Spice Rack - Bravada 4 oz.

Chef's Essentials II™ Magnetic Spice Rack - Bravada 4 oz.
Chef's Essentials II - Colonial Red (only 23 tins used)Chef's Essentials II - Colonial Red4 oz. Bravada4 oz. OvationChef's Essentials II - Stainless SteelChef's Essentials II - Stainless SteelSet available with MagBoard in Bone White
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The perfect size magnetic spice rack for chefs to have the everyday essentials at their fingertips.

Maybe you've already got our Culinarian II™ keeping your collection of spices, but you need a smaller magnetic spice rack at your fingertips.

Perhaps this is the perfect size for your smaller space 

Keep your everyday essential herbs and spice handy with
  • Twenty-four Versa-Tin™ Bravada™ Clear Lid 4 oz. Spice Tins
  • Twenty-four Flexible 46mm Peel and Stick Magnets for the bottom of the Tins
  • a Versa-Board™ (choose Stainless or 3 decorator colors), and
  • 149 printed Gourmet list of Spice Labels (see the spices included) (choose the print font)

We suggest the solid lid tins for ground spices with a high content of essential oils, like ground cloves.  Essential oils will react with all plastic windows on the market.  If you would like this set with all solid lid tins, please see Chef's Essentials II - Ovation 4 oz.  If you would like this set with a combination of Clear Lid and Solid Lid Tins, see Chef's Essentials II Magnetic Spice Rack - Combo 4 oz.

Twenty-four 4 oz. Bravada Square Tins approx. 1/2 cup (or 118 ml) in volume
Dimensions of 4 oz. tin: 2.44" x 2.44"; 1.38" high (62mm x 62mm x 35mm)
VersaBoard - 12" x 18" - predrilled mounting holes and mounting screws included Colored Metal or Stainless Steel attracts magnets
Countries of Manufacture: Tins in China; Labels & Magnet Panel in U.S.A.
Set of 1.5" x 1" Rectangular Clear Spice Labels - 139 different labels see Spice in List by linking to About Spice Labels below
Features Benefits
4 oz. or 1/2 cup Great for smaller grocery store bottles or many of the Spice House refills
Manufactured of Steel coated with Food Grade Tinplate & Food Grade Lacquer No Polishing!
Lids have Food Grade FDA approved Tough, impact resistant Polystyrol Clear Window See how much you have left!
Different Set shown on Bone White MagBoard
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