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Versa-Board™ - Colored Steel - 18 x 24 - 2nd Quality

Versa-Board™ - Colored Steel - 18 x 24 - 2nd Quality

Versa-Board™ - Colored Steel - 18 x 24 - 2nd Quality
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SECOND QUALITY ITEM - Only problem with these boards are the edges are not perfect--missing a bit of paint, a bit of roughness or slight bend.  These items will work just as well as the 1st quality boards.  NOT ALL COLORS AVAILABLE
Made just for your kitchen! With so many colors to choose from, VersaBoard™ helps you create a spice rack custom made for your space.  Mounting screws included.

These magnet boards are not magnetic, but are crafted from Steel which attracts magnets (not all metals are magnet-friendly).  Our Spice Tins with Precut Magnetic Rounds for the bottom of the tins will stick to the Versa-Board™.
An 18" x 24" Versa-Board™ will hold 48-54 4 oz. Bravada Spice Tins (48 6 oz. Bravada).  Don't have that many spices?  Use part of the Versa-Board™ for your Spice Tins and part to hold your recipe or grocery list.
Available in 10 colors. 
*This item may ship separately in some countries. When applicable separate shipping charges will apply.
Material Steel
Thickness .030" (22GA)
Coating Solar-reflectent Cool Paint
Paint Type Fluropon-Kynar®
Mounting Holes Predrilled 0.141" dia mounting holes around entire periphery spaced appx every 12"
Mounting Screws & Directions included (Note: Screws are for drywall. Hollow, tile or other wall surface may require alternative screws which are not included)
Features Benefits
Painted Surface The painted surface is very tough and durable. As with any paint, however, if you attempt to scratch it off with a knife, the paint will scratch off.
Customizable Add Fabric or Wallpaper by adhering it with spray adhesive
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