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Turn your Refrigerator into a Magnetic Spice Rack

A Popular Idea!

You can easily turn the side of your refrigerator into a Magnetic Spice Rack.  It's a great solution for a smaller kitchen!  Some of our customers simply like to keep a few spices handy on the fridge!

Kelly from Windsor Mill, MD shared a photo of her Applause Squares on the side of her refrigerator (right).

Our magnetic material is strong!  Our 16 oz. Applause tin with a Precut Round on its bottom, filled with almost 2 cups of granulated sugar weighs just over a lb.  Yet our magnetic material holds it without worry!

Important Note:  Stainless Steel Refrigerators are not magnetically attractive!  This idea will not work on a Stainless Steel refrigerator.

Use Precut Magnetic Round for an Easy Magnetic Spice Rack

The easiest way to do this is by choosing our Precut Magnetic Rounds on the Bottom of Tins for your magnetic option when you purchase your tins.  Your Spice Tins arrive ready to fill with spices.  Just label them and arrange them on the side of your fridge.  It's that easy!

Or you can purchase the magnetic strip, cut it yourself with regular scissors, peel the paper and adhere it to each tin. 

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