Stackable Spice Storage
Stackable Spice Storage

Looking for Stackable Spice Jars?

Consider Limelight or Ovation Spice Tins!  These tins create a clean, easy to use spice storage solution using square or round tins that are stackable.  Use the flexible magnetic strip (cut it and adhere to the bottom of each tin) or choose tins with magnet already applied to the bottom of the tins.  The magnetic material on the bottom allows you to select a stack and remove it.  The tins remain stuck together until you pull them apart.  The picture below shows the magnet strength of three Limelight stackable tins. 

Stackable Spice Tins

Two Stackable Spice Rack Plans

Plan #1 - Creating Stackable Spice Storage using Magnetic Strip !

1.  Purchase our Ovation Square or Limelight Round Solid Lid Spice Tins, selecting Standard Strip as your Magnetic Option.
2.  Cut the Magnetic Strip into lengths     that will fit the bottom of each tin.

Peel off the paper backing Galaxy Stackable with Red Clear Color Label to expose adhesive.

3.  Apply the cut pieces to the bottom of each tin  

4.  Label your Stackable Spice Tins with our Rectangular Spice Labels.  Choose Clear with Black Lettering (shown below), Clear Colored Labels to have Colored Labels with the Metal of the Tin showing through for the lettering (as seen here)  , or Solid Labels--White or Colored with Lettering in your choice of colors.   (Note:  Do not purchase Round labels for Stackables.  They are too tall for the sides of the tins)

Ready to Fill with Your Favorite Spices!

Plan #2 - The easy way to create stackable Spice Storage

1.  Buy Limelight or Ovation Spice tins with Magnetic Material already applied to the Bottom of the Tins
Label your Stackable Spice Tins with our Rectangular Spice Labels as described in Plan #1
3.  Fill your Magnetic Stackable Spice Tins with your Favorite Spices