the story

A lot of your mind?  Busy schedule?  Trying to get a meal on the table quickly?  Company arriving soon?

And your bottle of garlic powder decides to play "hide 'n' seek". Now?

That's how it all started here at Custom Magnetic Spice Rack!

Each time my garlic powder eluded me, I would buy another bottle. Then in 2006, I emptied my spice cabinet and found I now had three. That's when I began my mission to declutter and organize my spices. In early 2007, my Versa-Tin brand was born.

Whether cooking is your passion or cooking is your curse or you fall somewhere in between, it is for you that I look to find new ways and better products to make cooking more enjoyable. Organizing your herbs, spices and other ingredients makes any cooking easier.

I love coming up with new solutions.  I love helping anyone who needs to run their ideas by me. Even more--I love hearing about your creative solutions--the ideas I never thought of.

Thanks for visiting!