The 1st Versa-Tin—still loved by many


Simple, traditional style is the hallmark of Applause.

Push-on style BPA-Free lid slips on easily and stays on—protecting the freshness of your spices with a UV coating on the clear window.

Available in 4, 6, 8 and 16 oz. sizes, Applause meets your spice and bulk foods storage needs with one consistent style.

Beauty & Braun

Designed to Last!!


Our exclusive line of beautifully crafted Square Tins will add a bold, modern statement to your kitchen. 

Crafted of quality materials, Bravada™ Squares have

  • BPA-free solid impact resistant window lids with a higher degree of scratch resistance than the thin PVC found in other brands.

  • Snap-pins on two sides provide absolute certainty that your spices will not spill



The Best of Everything!

Our newest and most exciting spice tin!! Début Screw Top Spice Tins were designed specifically for people with arthritic hands, but has great new features that all cooks will love!  Début needs a whole gallery of images to show off its features.

  • Plastic lined lid

    • easy open screw top lid

    • seals in spice freshness

  • UV window coating on the clear window to protect spices

  • Removable inside "window shade" protects clear window from "hot spices"  (learn more about this)

  • Stackable - Indented base fits securely in the top of the next tin without scratching the clear window beneath

  • Available with or without magnet base


Our solid lid tin for foodies who want to keep their spices in the dark! 

Limelight spice tins are deep seamless tins with press-on lids, just like the Applause.  The only difference is the lid.

The solid lid protects herbs and spices from light's harmful rays and is also one solution for ground spices with high essential oil content (see our list of spices that interact with the clear lids in our Do's and Don'ts Section).

Limelight spice tins offer a great stackable solution to spice storage.  Choose the Precut Magnetic Round option, place the magnet on the bottom of each tin to create your stackable spice storage.  Use our rectangular spice labels on the sides of your stacked Limelight spice tins to identify your spices.


Keep your Spices in the Dark!


Same tin as Bravada—Solid Lid


Bravada with a New Hat! We think you'll love them!  Give them a Standing O....


The perfect complement to Bravada tins. Why do you need them? Ground clove and spice blends containing ground clove don't get along with clear plastics {Read more}
Ovation's solid lid is the perfect friend to those spices who are a bit corrosive.