Artful Spices

by Sabrina

Sabrina S. of New Milford, Connecticut was one of two 2nd Place winners in our 2011 Customer Photo contest. Here’s the story behind the photo!

Seeing as I do all my cooking on the island, I wanted to have my spices visible and easily accessible.  So instead of having a picture frame filling the space above my toaster oven, I decided to make my own spice frame! First I applied the magnetic sheet to the wall, using a carpenters glue (I found it difficult with the type of paint I had on the existing wall to stick with the existing adhesive on the back of the magnetic sheet) Then I bought a decorative wall trim from my local hardware store, cut and glued the pieces. Once the glue hardened I applied a hammered steel spray paint. When the paint dried I applied velcro strips to the back of the frame and wall so the frame can be removed or adjusted, if necessary... tip...when choosing trim styles try to avoid repetitive patterns...very difficult to match corners...