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i can’t find the size tin i want in the non-magnetic style, what can i do?

The flexible magnetic material found on the bottom of our magnetic spice tins is easily removed. By removing the magnet, the tin can then be used with flexible magnetic strips or sheets. To remove the magnet from the bottom of the spice tin, follow the easy directions found in the Learn about Flexible Magnetic Material page


The quick answer is no. But the longer answer is that, for two reasons, we decided they weren’t all they are cracked up to be. First, by both reading reviews and testing those products on the market ourselves, we found that the lids tended to get jammed up with spices or metal-on-metal twisting issues and that customers ended up throwing them away—spices and all because they couldn’t get them open. Secondly, while the sprinkle feature can come in handy, it can also be the ruin of your spices, if you sprinkle over a steaming pot—allowing moisture to degrade your spices.


 do you ship internationally?

Custom Magnetic Spice Rack ships to most countries worldwide from our warehouse in Upstate New York. With the publication of our newly updated website, you will see that, at this time, we have enable shipping to a limited list of countries. We will be adding more shipping destinations soon. To see the list of countries that are currently enabled for shipping, please visit our Shipping & Returns page. If, however, you would like to place an order, please Contact Us and we will quickly add put your required shipment location.

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