keeping your spices healthy 

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Modern science is just starting to uncover the amazing power of spices and herbs, as one of your best arsenals against diseases from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease.  Important, too, are the containers in which you store these health warriors.  Versa-Tin® have been tested for food safety--most recently BPA.


What does bpa free mean?

Below you will find links to the actual test results for the plastics in Versa-Tin® Spice Tins.  A bit of an explanation is in order.  The detection limit of the test is 1 ppm (part per million).  The results for Versa-Tin® Spice Tins is less than 1 ppm (part per million).  This equates to "undetected". Versa-Tin® tins are BPA Free Containers.


At present the U.S. has no standards, regulations or limitations set for BPA content.  The European Union requirement for BPA migration content is 1000 ppm.


BPA Free Test results: Certificate for Inner Plastic Ring

BPA Free Test results: Certificate for Clear Window