Crazy Log Cabin Spice Rack

by Jeannie C., Bozeman, Montana

Jeannie’s entry into our 2011 Customer Photo Contest won her a 2nd prize. Here’s the story behind her Crazy Log Cabin Creation


I first bought the containers for my bachelor brother as a Christmas gift, filling them with exotic bulk spices (i.e whole nutmeg and dried orange peel) and creating rubs for his smoker. I quickly decided to do the same for my own house and make it a fun display item. My husband did the steel (asked the local supplier to cut it and drill holes, then spray painted and mounted it), creating a surface for the jars. The red square was first; as the collection grew, he added other primary shapes and colors. You can see that some spices (my beloved Old Bay, a reminder of Eastern Shore home) come in such cool containers, they can be displayed "as is" with just a magnet. The display brightens up our log walls, which become very dark in the dead of a Montana winter, and always sparks interesting conversations. Only drawback is that guests assume we're "super foodies" when we really just like to cook and eat fresh at home.