double sided magnets
Flexible Magnetic Material

Double-sided Flexible Magnetic Sheet


Double-sided magnetic sheet snaps quickly onto your refrigerator and holds non-magnetic spice tins 

This double-sided magnetic sheet is slightly different than our adhesive backed sheets. This sheet is 30 mils thick (vs 60 mils of the adhesive-backed)

Create a solid magnetic surface with high quality 30 mil flexible magnetic sheeting. The sheets are 24" wide. The sheet is easily cut to size with regular scissors. Flexible magnetic sheet measures 18" x 24". 

Diane T. of Galloway, N.J. sent us the image used here and said, "This system has worked out awesome-- it was super easy to put up, and I love that someday if I want to move it, it will be easy. It covers the entire space perfectly, so I can really maximize the number of tins I can hang. Also the tins stick to it so well! No more avalanche of tins everytime I take one down! Love it, love it." 

Color: The surface of the magnetic material is dark gray/brown. See image.

When received, place sheet on metal surface, like fridge, in order to observe the full strength of this sheet. Full strength is not obvious if the sheet is not placed on metal surface

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double sided magnets
DIY spice rack on refrigerator