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Flexible Magnetic Rounds

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Create a Magnetic Spice Rack from your Non-Magnetic Tins! Two great ideas for using Flexible Magnetic Rounds.

  • Adhere the Flexible Magnetic Rounds to the bottom of your non-magnetic Versa-Tin® spice tins. The tins will then stick to any metal surface that attracts magnets. Suggestion: See our stylish Versa-Board™

  • Adhere the Flexible Magnetic Rounds to a clean, smooth, non-porous surface, such as kitchen tiles, inside a kitchen cabinet, on a pantry door. Each magnet then becomes a home for a single tin

Scroll down for additional information on Flexible Magnetic Rounds. Also learn about Flexible Magnetic Rounds on the Learn About Flexible Magnet page.

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Additional Info

These Flexible Magnet Rounds have been manufactured and tested for use with the Versa-Tin® brand of spice tins. No other use has been tested.

Below is a list of the Versa-Tin® Spice Tins and the size magnet recommended for use with each

  • 2 oz. Applause - 1.625”

  • All 4 oz. - 2.125” or 1.97”

  • All 6 oz. - 2.375” or 2.5”

  • 8 oz. Ovation & Bravada - 2.5”

  • 8 oz. Applause - 2.875”

  • All 16 oz. - 3.625”

All Flexible Magnetic Rounds are 60 mils thick

Manufactured in U.S.A.