ideas for renters

Renters can sometimes have challenges that home owners do not. Restrictions for putting holes in walls make it difficult to hang or install things that would make life easier in a small space. Here are a couple of ideas that may help out the need for spice organization in apartments or rental units. 

  1. Double-Sided Flexible Magnetic Sheet

Diane T. of Galloway, N.J. called us saying she just moved into a new rented property and was looking for a solution that would easily move with her. She already had the 6 oz. Applause non-magnetic spice tin from her last place, but wanted a more “moveable” solution. We recommended a double-sided magnetic sheet that unrolls and sticks to the side of her refrigerator. Then the non-magnetic spice tins easily and securely stick to the magnetic sheet.

After she received the new double-sided sheet, she sent us her picture and wrote:

"This system has worked out awesome-- it was super easy to put up, and I love that someday if I want to move it, it will be easy.  It covers the entire space perfectly, so I can really maximize the number of tins I can hang.  Also the tins stick to it so well!  No more avalanche of tins everytime I take one down!  Love it, love it."

2. Removable Contact Paper & Flexible Magnetic Sheet

If you are a Renter or you have a new house and can't bring yourself to adhere anything to the new cabinets, you can still use Flexible Magnetic Material. Do an internet search for removable chalkboard sheets. Cut and stick the removable sheets to the surface first, then apply the Flexible Magnetic Sheet to the removable material. When you need to remove it in the future, the two pieces remove quick and easily as one.