INSIDE cabinet spice racks

There are many ways you can build an in-cabinet spice rack.  A magnetic spice rack in your cabinets is stylish, convenient, space-saving and functional. Here are a few ideas for creating a spice rack inside your cabinet that works for your cooking style.  

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Kristine B. of Erwinna, Pennsylvania chose a Brushed Stainless Versa-Board custom-sized for her odd-sized cabinet door. She installed it, using an adhesive, rather than screws. She chose 6 oz. Bravada tins with Clear Labels with lower case font

Yolande L. of North Vancouver, British Columbia sent pictures and these notes

As promised, here are a couple of photos of my revised and now perfect spice rack.  Each panel is set on pull out tracks, so that I just slide out whatever panel I need, and voilà, there is the spice tin I require, nicely organized in alphabetical order.  I previously had only 2 panels with the tins of both sides of each panel, but that did not work that well since I couldn’t easily see the names of the tins on the left side of the panel.  Now, they are visible at one pull of the panel and all is well!
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The name of the company is Quincaillerie (Hardware) Richelieu and their website is (they have retailers in the USA) . Once you're on the website, you search for "Accuride Model 301-2590".  It is a pull-out pantry slide. I didn't have time to look at all their offerings, but that particular pull-out slide looks very much like mine.  You'd need 2 slides for each panel (one for the top and one for the bottom) & the installation has to be precise so that they align perfectly. When you choose the slide, you have to know the depth of the cabinet you'll be installing it in. If you want to contact the company that installed mine, they're called Sage Cabinetry and you can access their website through this link: The roll-out tracks are specifically called Heavy Duty Accurides. 

Yolande used adhesive-backed Flexible Magnetic Strips on the panels, Applause 4 oz. Non-Magnetic Spice Tins and Clear Spice Labels with lower case font.

This is how it all started for Custom Magnetic Spice Rack. Flexible Magnetic Strips adhered to the inside of oak kitchen cabinets with non-magnetic spice tins.

The next version was a Flexible Magnetic Sheet with non-magnetic spice tins. Personally, I love using the space on the inside of my kitchen cabinets! —Heidi

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