Magnetic Wall

Colorful foods and spices bringing color to the black and white kitchen in Michelle’s 1920’s bungalow (inspired by the black & white furry friends)

Michelle S. of St. Louis, Missouri, used magnetic paint under regular wall paint with magnetic Bravada spice tins. Here’s Michelle’s story!!


I am married to a wonderful husband, Bill, who just returned from a deployment in Iraq.  We have two cats, affectionately called “our boys,” Chester and Laban, who both bring love, affection, and a little insanity into our daily lives.  I work full-time as a financial analyst. Bill is an insurance adjuster; we live in St. Louis, MO.  We both love the outdoors.

About My Kitchen!

Our house was built in 1921.  It’s a charming little bungalow that we fell in love with at first sight.  We bought it from an older couple who lived in it for 50 years, and we hope to do the same!  My kitchen is done in black, white (notice our 1920’s era art deco black and white tile wall), and grays.  Several months ago, I became a raw food enthusiast and noticed the beauty of all the new foods in my life.  I decided instead of hiding all my wonderful fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds away in the pantry, I should use all that color and texture to beautify my kitchen.  I bought several glass containers for all my dates, nuts and seeds, and simple white platters for all my fruits and veggies. 

My inspiration for the magnetic spice rack   

While shopping at a chain kitchen and bath store, I saw some beautiful, but expensive, stainless steel spice tins (not magnetic).  I decided to see if I could find something similar but less expensive online, and that’s when I happed upon Custom Magnetic Spice Rack.  I immediately fell in love with the Elegance tins and knew they would fit in with the neutral black/white/gray “color” scheme, while also allowing the herbs and spices to fill the kitchen with color and texture, just as all my fruits, veggies and nuts do. 

I am basically decorating my kitchen with food, so it changes every day and every season.  The “background” is neutral, while the “foreground” is full of color and life.  I also have some basic themes throughout the house, one of which is a pattern of squares – like the photos of the boys are black and white squares and the spice tins are square.  The jars filled with nuts and seeds are different sized squares too. 

How We Did It

My husband painted about five coats of Rustoleum Magnetic Primer to our kitchen wall.  (CMSR Note:  Rust-Oleum Specialty Magnetic latex primer is a dark gray colored base coat that allows you to create a surface that attracts magnets almost anywhere.) He then covered the magnetic primer with two coats of our wall paint.  We adhered the magnetic strip to the bottom of each spice tin, filled them with our colorful spices and placed them on our new 'metal' wall.