Quake-proof Spice Rack

by Darinka & Donald H., Yucaipa, California

Darinka & Donald took 1st place in our 2011 Customer Photo Contest. Here’s the story behind the photos

My husband and I decided to make this custom spice rack to match our kitchen cabinets, in color and style. We have an open concept kitchen and we like it to look nice and in order with no clutter, your spice jars do just that in our opinion. The material used is just regular inexpensive pine, and we added the rope trim to match the kitchen. Size is 24" tall, 20" wide and 3" deep, 5 shelves in total and five- 8oz jars will fit across each shelf. We attached a 20"x24" magnet (using the adhesive backing of the magnet) to a same size piece of backer board and staple gunned it to the back of the shelf, that way the spice tins also have the security of being attached to the magnet (in case of earthquakes, we live in California). We love how it came out and plan to make a second one for the other side of the stove to accommodated the rest of our spices and this time we will probably go with the square tins. 

Spice Rack using Flexible Magnetic Sheet

Spice Rack using Flexible Magnetic Sheet