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16 oz. Applause Magnetic Spice Tins

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Simple, traditional style is the hallmark of Applause. Push-on style BPA-Free lid slips on easily, and stays on—protecting the freshness of your spices with a UV coating on the clear window.

The 16 oz. size holds 2 cup of bulk spices, nut, sprinkles….We love to keep a bit of flour handy in one of these so we don’t have to drag out the whole flour canister for just a tablespoon.

The tin is constructed of food grade tinplate steel. The window is polystyrol with a food grade UV coating. Magnet on bottom sticks to any metal surface that attracts magnets.

Dimensions (including magnet height): 4-1/8" diameter x 2-11/16" high (103mm x 62mm)

Available in Set of 4, Set of 12 or Single Tin(s).

Set or Single Tin(s):
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Large Spice Tin
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Sourced in U.S.A. Manufactured in China.