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Spice Tins - Magnetic & Non-Magnetic with Magnet Options

16 oz. Ovation Spice Tins with Magnetic Options

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Ovation is the Solid Lid version of Bravada Square. The same beautiful crafting. Designed to last! Both beauty and braun! Crafted of quality materials, Ovation Squares keep your spices in the Dark!

The 16 oz. size holds approx. 1.5 cups of spices. Great for bulk spices, nuts, tea bags, candy, cake decorations, small kitchen items.

The tin is constructed of food grade tinplate steel. Magnet can be added to the bottom to stick the tins to any metal surface that attracts magnets. Snap pins on two sides let you know your spices aren’t going anywhere until you let them out.

Dimensions (including magnet on bottom): 3.9" in diameter; 2" high (99mm x 51mm).

Available in Set of 12, Set of 4 or Individually

Set, Single Tin or Case?:
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16OZ-O (7).jpg
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Additional Info

Sourced in U.S.A. Manufactured in China.