Square Magnetic Spice Tins
Spice Tins - Magnetic & Non-Magnetic with Magnet Options

4 oz Bravada Magnetic Spice Tin - Set of 12


Our exclusive line of beautifully crafted Square Spice Tins will add a bold, modern statement to your kitchen. 

Crafted of quality materials, Bravada Squares have BPA-free solid impact-resistant window lids with a higher degree of scratch resistance than PVC found in other brands.

Designed to last! Both beauty and braun!

The 4 oz. size holds 1/2 cup of spices. This equals the content of most grocery store (approx. 4 “ tall) spice bottles. It is perfect for the 1/2 cup refills of your favorite spice retailer.

The tin is constructed of food grade tinplate steel. The window is polystyrol with a food grade UV coating. Magnet on bottom sticks to any metal surface that attracts magnets. Snap pins on two sides let you know your spices aren’t going anywhere until you let them out.

Dimensions (including magnet height): 2.48" in diameter; 1.65" high (63mm x 42mm)

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Square Magnetic Spice Tins
Magnetic Spice Tins
Bravada Magnetic Spice Tin
Snap Pin feature on Spice Tin

Additional Info

To use these magnetic tins on the Flexible Magnetic Sheets, Strips or Rounds on a wall, the Magnet on the Bottom must be removed. To remove: Take a hair dryer and warm the magnet on the bottom. As it softens, pry one edge of the magnet up with fingers or other non-scratching implement (a screw driver can be used, but it will scratch the bottom. The scratching will not hurt the functionality of the tin). Remove excess adhesive left by the removed magnet with Lighter Fluid. Many commercial adhesive removers will cause the clear lid of the tin to cloud. If using such a product, be sure the lid is not near.

Tins sourced in U.S.A., manufactured in China