Spice Tins - Magnetic & Non-Magnetic with Magnet Options

Single Tin - 4 oz Début Screw Top Magnetic Spice Tin


Début™ Tins were designed especially for cooks with aging and arthritic hands who find pull off lids difficult. But everyone can appreciate their ease of use as well as the many features we added the newest tin in the Versa-Tin® line.

Début™ Spice Tins hold ½ cup of spices. This is the contents of many (but not all) typical 4" tall grocery store bottles. This tin is the perfect size to hold your ½ cup refills of your favorite online spice store.

Airtight Spice Tin—The durable plastic lining of each tin serves to 1) creates an airtight seal to seal in freshness and 2) maintain the easy open function of the screw-top lid

A removable semi-transparent "window shade" comes with every Début tin. Use this "window shade" inside the tins that store Ground Clove or spice blends containing Ground Clove, such as Char Masala, some Tandoori blends, Five Spice, and Garam Masala. Ground Clove, depending on the amount & freshness, will deform crystal clear plastics. The "window shade" allows the storage of these "warm" spices without worry. Image shows two Début side-by-side (one with window shade on; one without)

The crystal clear window displays the beautiful colors of your spices, letting you know how much is left. Meanwhile the UV coating on the clear window protects your herbs & spices from harmful UV rays.

Dimensions: 2.96" wide at the widest part of the lid. 2.03" high with no magnet. 2.11" high with magnet

Début is available

  • In Single Tins or Set of 12 - see separate listing

  • with or without magnet - see separate listing
    Spice Labels are not included as you may want to label the sides or label the tops, or both.

    Versa-Tin® is a registered Trademark.

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Additional Info

To use these magnetic tins on the Flexible Magnetic Sheets, Strips or Rounds on a wall, the Magnet on the Bottom must be removed. To remove: Take a hair dryer and warm the magnet on the bottom. As it softens, pry one edge of the magnet up with fingers or other non-scratching implement (a screw driver can be used, but it will scratch the bottom. The scratching will not hurt the functionality of the tin). Remove excess adhesive left by the removed magnet with Lighter Fluid. Many commercial adhesive removers will cause the clear lid of the tin to cloud. If using such a product, be sure the lid is not near.

Tins sourced in U.S.A., manufactured in China