Large Spice Tin with Flexible Magnet
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8 oz. Applause Spice Tins - Magnetic Options

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Simple, traditional style is the hallmark of Applause. Push-on style BPA-Free lid slips on easily, and stays on—protecting the freshness of your spices with a UV coating on the clear window.

The 8 oz. size holds 1 cup of bulk spices, nuts, sprinkles….We find this size handy for

  • ingredients that come in larger cans or bottles, such as Sweet Hungarian Paprika, Ground Mustard

  • spices that we use up quickly and so keep more on hand than the typical grocery store bottle—like Garlic Powder, Chili Powder

The tin is constructed of food grade tinplate steel. The window is polystyrol with a food grade UV coating.


Tins can be used

  • magnetically on a metal surface (that attracts magnets) if there is a magnet on the bottom of the tin—such as peel ‘n’ stick magnet rounds

  • magnetically on a surface, such as in the inside of a kitchen cabinet) using flexible magnetic materials (rounds, strips or sheets)

  • used without any magnets at all—store the tins in a drawer or shelf

To Learn more about Magnetic Options, read further or see even more detail on the Magnetic Options Learning page

  • Adhesive Backed Flexible Strip for the 8 oz. Applause tins is 3” wide x 21” in length. The length gives ample room for the Set of 4.

  • Peel ‘n’ Stick Magnets - Spice Tins come with Peel ‘n’ Stick Magnets perfect sized for the tins. Peel off the paper backing, press onto the tin bottoms, allow to cure 24 hours. This option works equally well as Magnet on the Bottom. In fact, it used to be the only way we offered these tins.

Tin Dimensions: 3.15" (80mm) diameter x 2.04724" (52mm) high; Magnet adds about an additional 1/16" in height

Available in Sets of 4 or Individual Tins (not all Magnet Options are offered for Individual Tins)

Set or Single Tins:
Magnet Option:
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Large Spice Tin with Flexible Magnet
Clear Lid Spice Tin on Magnetic Sheet
Magnetic Rounds for Bottom of Spice Tins
Flexible Magnet Strips in Kitchen Cabinets
Flexible Magnet Strips on Pantry Door

Additional Info

Flexible Magnetic Material can be cut to your required size with regular scissors or a utility knife.


A 12” x 24” (fully used, uncut) will hold at least twenty-one (21) 8 oz. Versa-Tin® Applause spice tins

An 18” x 24” will hold approximately Thirty-five (35) oz. 8 oz. Versa-Tin® Applause spice tins

Find more information about Flexible Magnetic Sheets here.


For the 8 oz tins, 3” x 21” strips will be sent for each Set of 4 tins ordered, if that option is selected.