Whether it's a boat, a yacht or a vessel, the galley storage is notorious challenging. See how magnetic spice storage is a great idea for galley storage.

I don't normally do this sort of thing but as I have used you on 3 different vessels now, it would be my pleasure.

Most private motor yachts I have joined have a dinky little cupboard for spices, all little containers stacked on top of each other, that when looking for that one spice, you give up half way through as it's just too hard to find!!!  Well not for me, some of my captains have been very hesitant in letting me do this, but it would be one of the most popular features when guests go on a behind the scenes tour, I would say at least one person from every group has taken photos and asked where you get these tins a magnetic boards! It's an extremely attractive and practical way of storing all the different spices that can be readily grabbed at any time! Saves me so much time. Underway with bad seas have never been a problem, have never had a single spice move!

Many thanks 

Chef Dan

(Thanks for your many years of business & the pics, Chef Dan!)

(Note: In this vessel, Chef Dan of Florida used 3” wide Flexible Magnetic Strip with Acrylic Adhesive. Bravada 8 and 16 oz. Spice Tins dominate the space with some 4 oz. Début in the mix.)